Steps You Can Take

We know such an undertaking can seem daunting. But know there is a growing group of people at your side and who have your back. No one person can do everything, but our power is in our numbers and diverse experiences. All of us have different skills and experiences that can add to our movement, even if it is something as small as leaving President Dudley a comment or writing a letter.

There are many fronts that we’re pressing on to get our message out, whether it be this website, the Facebook group, communications as a whole, or alumni outreach. Each of us has a part to play.

There are certain things you can do without a large investment of time.

Join Us. The best way to stay informed is to get and contact with us so we can keep you up to date on all the happenings, and there is a lot going on right now as we trying to grow this movement. Register for the forums and check there for initiatives or tactics that may suit your skill set.

Sign Our Letter to the Board of Trustees. Not Unmindful has written a letter to the Board. Please sign it to add your name to those who believe in the changes we’re asking for. There is also a shorter Executive Summary of our Letter here.

Write Letters & Write Again. Add your voice to the growing chorus demanding action. Contact President Dudley ( and the Board of Trustees ( directly with your concerns. Copy those you feel are relevant to include. Try to keep your letters succinct.

As we all learn more, our letters and responses only get stronger and clearer. By keeping up sustained pressure, we indicate that we are serious. Expand the circle of your recipients to others you may know in the University community. The more people that know, the harder we are to ignore.

Leave Official Feedback. President Dudley asked in a June 23, 2020 communication to the W&L community to submit feedback through the university website. Similarly, an e-mail to the community from the Board of Trustees asked that the community e-mail them with any thoughts. When university officials ask for feedback officially, it’s up to us to give feedback through official channels.

Talk to Your Friends. Some alumni are totally against a name change, but others will surprise you. Be honest. Be open. Have your facts straight (and there are lots of resources for that). Mostly, be prepared to listen. Don’t harangue. Sometimes you’re just going to have to agree to disagree, but if you find them receptive, please send them here.

Stay Involved. Continue to make connections. Be sure to join the Not Unmindful forums and share your experiences, your thoughts, and your vision for a University that really is mindful of the future.

And lastly, remember that we are all in this together. We are clear-eyed and bold. And our numbers grow by the day.

Read Our Full Letter to the Board

Not Unmindful’s full letter to the board of trustees advocating change

Sign the Letter

Add your name to the letter to show your support