Every other year since 2003, the Alumni Association Board has submitted a three-person slate to the Board of Trustees, from which they have chosen one person to become a trustee. In 2019, the Trustees asked that we make alumni better aware of and more directly involved in the election process.  The Alumni Association, acting through the Alumni Board of Directors (Alumni Board) and the Alumni Engagement Office, will solicit nominees from all alumni for consideration to be one of three candidates on an alumni ballot for election to the Washington and Lee University Board of Trustees.

As part of the Board’s announcement in June, they committed to opening up membership in their ranks to greater reflect diversity amongst the University’s alumni, which is one of our chief aims. As part of the process described above, Not Unmindful has made the following nominations to fill those nominee slots from Alumni Association and Alumni Board of Directors. Please take some time to familiarize yourselves with these nominees so you can express your support for those candidates you feel will best help move the University forward.

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