I graduated from W&L in 2004 with a politics and theater degree. During my time on campus, I was a member of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, co-author of Queer Eye for the Frat Guy, and held a number of leadership roles spanning the Freshmen Leadership Committee to the president of the Student Activities Board in my senior year.

After graduation, I worked for three years in the Admissions Office and, after moving to Richmond and departing W&L, became the President of the Richmond Alumni Chapter. I have also served on the Young Alumni Board. I reside in Richmond with my husband, Denis Riva (’97) and six-year old twins, Mamie and Jim. I am currently a Senior Director at Capital One supporting our Corporate Strategy and Retail Bank organizations.

Outside of work, I have been a member of the vestry of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and will join the Board of Directors for the Children’s Home Society of Virginia in September.

The voice I can bring to the board

I think that I bring a number of diverse experiences that will help inform the way we think about the future of W&L. I was a student leader spanning the College and the Williams school, I was active in numerous activities on campus, an employee of the University, and am an extremely active and engaged alumus, donating my time and money to the betterment of the University.

I think that range of perspectives will be helpful specific to W&L’s future. In my work as an HR professional over the last 15 years, I have been deeply involved in Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging work, creating long-term strategies to increase representation and inclusion in the corporate world. I think that depth of experience could be of great help to the University.

My service to the University community

In addition to my service outlined above, I’ve also served as an alumni interviewer.

Relevant personal and professional experience

I have incredibly strong, creative problem solving skills and the ability to rally disparate groups around a common cause. I am drawn to projects that need transformation or reinvention and have a strong track record of driving both. I’m a skilled communicator and listener and coach to extremely senior people. I have no fear speaking truth to power.


My biggest personal accomplishments, if you can call them that, are the husband I found through W&L and the family we built together, as well as the incredible network of smart, talented friends that I’m in touch with daily.

Other interesting facts

I don’t know if there is existing LGBTQ representation on the Board . I would bring that perspective.