I am from Shreveport, Louisiana. However, I am a military kid. So, I grew up all over the place (Colorado Springs, St. Louis, and different parts of Germany). Ironically, while I was at W&L as an undergrad and law student, it was the longest time that I’d been in any one place. I fell in love with both W&L and Lexington. I remain in love with both.

The voice I can bring to the board

One of the gentlemen that I practice law with jokes that I am a “set of one”. I grew up in a turbulent neighborhood in Shreveport. My parents were divorced at an early age. My mother raised us both by herself. I am truly a “child of the village”, which I believe enables me to relate to people of every ilk.

My voice, as it were, will be a truly unique one. That said, I think my voice is a necessary one insofar as it would serve as a counterbalance to what is, at least in terms of perception, a fairly homogeneous body.

My service to the University community

As I’ve explained, I fell in love with Lexington. Consequently, I remained in Lexington for the summers following my first, second, and third years of law school. I became a member of the community. I coached a Little League football team while in school. When I return to Lexington, I visit members of the community almost as much as I visit old professors.

While in undergrad, current Board member William Toles (’92; ’95L) and I, along with two other students, obtained a charter for Alpha Phi Alpha, an historically black fraternity. At the time, there were no historically black fraternities or sororities at W&L. Now, there are multiples of both. When I graduated from law school and returned to Shreveport, I became active in our local alumni chapter, ultimately becoming the President.

Other community service

  • Representative, Board District 8, Louisiana State Bar Association
  • Board Member, Biomedical Research Foundation
  • Immediate Past Chairman, Strategic Action Council
  • Vice Chairman, Metropolitan Planning Commission
  • Board member, Committee of One Hundred
  • Board member, Rotary Club of Shreveport
  • Past President, North Louisiana Jewish Federation
  • Immediate Past Chair, North Louisiana Holocaust Remembrance Service
  • Dr. Jessie N. Stone Pioneer Award Recipient
  • Past President, Shreveport Bar Association
  • Board Member, Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors

Relevant personal and professional experience

I performed clinical work, focusing on post-conviction relief, with the inmates of the Federal Women1s Prison Camp in Alderson, West Virginia.

Other interesting facts

I applied to W&L early decision. After attending undergrad and law school there, I proudly state that I would do it all over again.

I love the school more than i can put into mere words.

Notwithstanding my affection for the school, I would cherish being in a position to make the school one that attracts and retains students like myself who may not ostensibly fit in at W&L initially. However, when given the opportunity to know the school, such a student would benefit from the school and would, concurrently, benefit the school specifically and the broader Lexington community in general.