Friends call me Moe.

I am a public health worker in the Greater Cleveland area where I have lived for the past 20 years. I grew up in Southern Ohio and attended W&L in part because someone from my church graduated from the Law School. Over the years I have presided over the Northeast Ohio Alumni Chapter and volunteered other years in an attempt to provide space for local alumni to gather and celebrate our alma mater.

2020 and 2021 continue to be challenging and W&L is addressing those challenges head on. I believe strongly that our commonalities far outweigh our differences and if advanced through this nominating process, I will bring my authentic self to the table, just as I did for my 25th reunion.

Although I take no credit for the generous class gift of $1 million dollars to the Office of Inclusion and Engagement that unfolded on my watch, I do stand in solidarity with my classmates then, and with our University now, as we affirm our commitment to advancing equity for all W&L students.

The voice I can bring to the board

I believe in the principles of W&L that we all committed to, that of honor, integrity, and service. I have spoken my truth that it was difficult to be a student of color at W&L then, in 1990 -1994, and I believe that it remains that way in 2021.

The University seems committed to a better, more enriching future where all students, regardless of background or origin, has the ability to thrive and succeed at our alma mater, and I would lend my voice and activism to these efforts.

My service to the University community

I have served as President and remain an active member of the Northeast Ohio Alumni Chapter. I also served on the 25th Reunion Committee and was inducted into ODK.

At W&L, I was a member of the Student Recruitment and Fancy Dress Committees and an officer in the Minority Student Association (now SABU), serving as VP and President.

I sang in the Glee Club and was in the cast of Evita.

I also co-hosted a radio show, “Midnight Love” on WLUR-FM.

Other community service

I have been a youth advocate for the past 20 years, working in research and youth development programming at Case Western Reserve University and at the Cuyahoga County Board of Health.

I have also served in leadership roles in local LGBT groups over the years and served in an organizing and competing capacity at the 2014 Gay Games, an international event featuring 10,000 athletes from 60 countries.

Other interesting facts

I appreciate your consideration.