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Real questions we’ve been asked, as well as some reactions to our mission.
Reading through this may help you understand the mission a bit better,
or to talk to friends about a difficult topic.

Reading List

Keep up with the robust catalog of thought-provoking articles and essays written on the true meaning of Robert E. Lee’s name on our school, and why it is time for that name to go. 


We publish a regular newsletter, featuring updates, stories and new ways you can help W&L change the name.
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Interesting Books

The books in this list are a great place to learn about demystifying Robert E. Lee and gain a deeper understanding of the insidiousness of systemic racism and white privilege.

What People Are Saying

Since we began this journey, we’ve slowly begun to attract the notice of various news outlets, in addition to members of the university community. See what the press is saying about our movement.

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