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Our Mission

Not Unmindful is a focal point for alumni who would like to see Washington & Lee change its name as a first step to address the systemic issues that the University faces. You’re visiting because someone you know referred you, and you’re either supportive of our position or you’re mulling it over and are open-minded toward the idea.

Removing Lee and all the baggage his name brings, however, is only our first goal, but without achieving this, everything else we seek will be for naught.

First, we want the University to change its name, removing Lee from the equation, removing that reputational millstone around the University’s neck. But that is only the beginning of the work we must do. We must support efforts to address systemic racism and to fortify a community of inclusion at the University to make it a truly world-class institution. We see the work you’re all putting in, we hear you, we’re engaging in a campaign for these sustainable actions while we are waiting for the name change, which we feel has to be inevitable. There are many ways to help: This is a good place to start.

Without all of these efforts, the University will deteriorate academically, and its appeal for students and scholars will wither. We are boldly thinking about how the entire University community can stride proudly into the future.

 Non incautus futuri.