Students calling for change

About Us

We are Not Unmindful of the future. We are not alone. And We are Not Going Away!

We are a group of alumni, students, and faculty of all stripes and ages who are concerned about the negative impact that Robert E. Lee’s name is having on the reputation of our beloved university as we believe it acts as an impediment to other necessary structural changes that will improve equity, diversity, and inclusion at the University. Renaming is only the first step among many that need to be made.

We are a very diverse group from various backgrounds, brackets, and beliefs united in our deep concern for the University’s future. We see the work you’re all putting in, we hear you, let’s start a campaign for these sustainable actions while we are waiting for the name change, which we feel has to be inevitable. There are many ways to help: This is a good place to start.

We have members who are alumni from the 70s. We have members who witnessed the beginning of co-education at the university in the 80s—which was as bold a move then as the change we champion now. We have members from the 90s and 2000s, which saw some of the school’s most meaningful diversity and inclusion efforts.

But most importantly, we have current students—the university’s future donor base—who have already joined this movement and are among its most enthusiastic supporters.

We have old friends working together. We’ve all made new friends as part of this movement. And some of our friends have really surprised us with their willingness to join and support our effort.

Not Unmindful