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Sign Our Letter to the Board

If you’ve read the letter and are comfortable with it, please sign it to add your name to those who believe in the changes we’re

Summary of Our Requests

Only have a bit of time to spend right now? We have you covered. Read the executive summary of our letter to the Board of

Read Our Letter to the Board

As we all learn more, our letters and responses only get stronger and clearer. By keeping up sustained pressure, we indicate that we are serious.

Our History

In June 2020, a group of like-minded alumni, students, and faculty began to advocate for the removal of Robert E. Lee from the name and brand of the university as a first step to improving the stated goals of diversity and inclusion at the University. Lee did not deserve the honor, he did not desire the honor, and, as one of the primary symbols of white supremacy, he is not representative of the University’s values and 21st-century initiatives.

Our Group

Not Unmindful is a group of alumni, students and faculty from a wide range of eras and backgrounds who are deeply concerned about the future of our beloved school and see its renaming as key to maintaining its elite educational standing and making structural changes there to improve the on-campus experience for all of its students.

Our Mission

This is a focal point for alumni who would like to see Washington & Lee change its name. First, we want the University to change its name, removing Lee and that millstone from around the University’s neck is only the beginning of the work we must do. We must support efforts to address systemic racism and to fortify a community of inclusion and diversity at the University.