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Dixie State University

The Chronicle of Higher Education poses this question in an article by Sarah Brown talking about our situation along side that of Dixie State University in Utah (paywalled, precis below).

Shedding a longtime label — even when it’s freighted with racist meaning — is a struggle for some

From the article

This article highlights the parallels and differences between unrelated efforts with similar goals for institutions over 2,000 miles apart. Alison Bell, professor of Anthropology and member of Not Unmindful is heavily quoted in the piece.

In the end, the perspectives of wealthy alumni and parents who opposed changing the
name won out. As a private institution, Washington and Lee relies heavily on
philanthropy. “The loudest voices,” Bell said, “are the people with the deepest

From the article

But we already knew as much. That will not stop us from pointing it our at every turn. Money trumps honor is not a good look, but that seems to be a new tradition in Lexington for the University.

Image source: the Chronicle of Higher Education ©2021

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