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The Miami Herald runs an op-ed by Justin McFarlin, “This Juneteenth, erase Robert E. Lee’s name, but not his history as this nation’s enemy.”

The author, a former Army officer, graduate of the United States Military Academy, and a veteran of the war in Iraq, argues forcefully against any positive memory of Lee, who “effectively ordered the killing of more Americans” than any other combatant. He says study him like you would the German Blitzkrieg of Poland or the Tet Offensive, which puts the man in the proper context.

I think his conclusion says it best:

May every future cadet learn how to selflessly uphold their oath, and therefore be a better United States Army officer than was Mr. Lee.

From the op-ed

Oath breakers have no honor, yet the University continues to define itself contradictorially in his name.

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